Welcome to Sulat Kamay!

Ever since we were young, we’ve learned about stories.

We’ve heard our parents tell them at night; we’ve read them on books stacked high in the shelf; we saw them animated and in full color in our TV screens; and we watched them come to life in live performances.

Stories are everywhere.

In the sky, in the water, in the earth, in the air; anywhere you look, a story is there. For every sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavor, there is a story waiting to be tasted.

That is why we are here: storytellers looking for an audience to awe, inspire, captivate… We will make you laugh, cry, scream, cower, live and even die: all these emotions one at a time, or sometimes all at once.

Whether in English or Filipino, you will surely find a story for you here. So welcome!